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Trinity Day Care

Quality care in a learning environment!

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Best Day Care

Teachers create age appropriate learning environments that promote children to learn through play and learning centers. Activities are created based on individual needs and developmental levels. Children who are enrolled at our center are engaged in a hands on environment that is clean, healthy, and safe.

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A Focus On Youthful Inspiration
It gives us great pleasure helping your child reach their full potential. We spend considerable time creating fun, educational curriculum that challenge your child to be their very best. For older students, we also help with their studies to keep them on track in school.

However, there’s also plenty of time for play and socializing- we keep a healthy balance of activities throughout each day.

FAQ – What are the different types of child day care?
The term “day care” sounds simple enough, but it’s actually an umbrella term that covers a huge range of child care options. The good news is, no matter which type of child care you choose, there’s evidence to suggest that kids who participate in some form of high-quality care truly thrive. Studies have shown that children who attend quality day care exhibit better behavior, even into grade school. Academic preschools produce strong readers and children who excel in math. And the social interaction kids get in a day care setting may help them to be better communicators.


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Trinity Day Care, Inc.


Trinity Day Care, Inc.

22 hours 45 minutes ago

Time spent outside can lead to better physical and mental health, improved sleep, and cognitive, social, and emotional gains for young children. Classroom six enjoying See More

Trinity Day Care, Inc.

Trinity Day Care, Inc.

1 day 19 minutes ago

Free play promotes personal, social, and emotional development. Free play is that which is led by the child. They focus on their area of interest, See More

Trinity Day Care, Inc.

Trinity Day Care, Inc.

1 day 30 minutes ago

Everyone of all ages enjoys music. Music can be transformative, calming, energizing, therapeutic, and more. Today classroom 4 enjoyed music by singing and using the See More

Trinity Day Care, Inc.

Trinity Day Care, Inc.

1 day 3 hours ago

Imaginative play (dramatic play) is so important because it allows children to express themselves. Room 12 is cooking up some good meals. They are also See More

Trinity Day Care, Inc.

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